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Imagine having all of your decision support tools that you need to maximize your billing and claims activities in one place, thereby eliminating the need to purchase an additional third-party system for analytics.

Well, here it is! Rhodes Group's FUSION Financial Analytics gives you easily exportable, near real time reports that can be delivered automatically.

With FUSION FA any data element can be used to create a report - SQL queries can be turned into published reports in just minutes. This module consolidates data from all of your systems and runs financial reports out of one database.

Rhodes' FUSION FA is your one stop shop for all of your financial analytics.

  • Easily exportable to Excel

  • Automated report delivery

  • Many near real time reports

Key Benefits


Eliminates the need for other third party systems for analytics



SQL queries can easily be turned into published reports



Consolidates data from disparate systems allowing you to run reports out of one database


With in-depth insights and a comprehensive, adaptable billing solution, you can stop worrying about yesterday and begin looking ahead to the future.

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