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Your lab is constantly generating data through the day-to-day tasks of conducting business: LIS, billing records, EMRs, and more. This data, coupled with laboratory domain knowledge, is a valuable asset for the health systems you serve. Rhodes empowers your lab to leverage that asset in order to improve the quality of care, enhance the patient experience, lower the cost of care, discover new revenue streams, and even increase the care team’s satisfaction. By using your lab data to connect more dots, you can visualize the bigger care picture.

FOCUS Targeted Intervention Module

Discover health conditions, care gaps and risk factors faster and more accurately. Rhodes’ Focus Targeted Intervention Module automatically interprets lab results to identify risk stratification, so you can get patients the right care, right away.

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Risk Adjustment.jpg

FOCUS Risk Adjustment Module

Accurately identify eligibility for risk adjustment and increase your reimbursement. By using automatic interpretation of laboratory results, Rhodes’ Focus Risk Adjustment Module seamlessly improves risk identification, giving you a clearer understanding of population risk.

FOCUS Antibiogram Module

Create customized reports that save you time, improve accuracy, and enhance your hospital’s efforts toward antimicrobial stewardship. 




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