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A faster, more accurate way to create antimicrobial susceptibility reports.

Focus Antibiogram Module

There’s a better way to provide antibiograms without manually pulling from disparate sources and merging them together. Rhodes’ Focus Antibiogram Module saves time and improves accuracy by automatically pulling data directly from the Laboratory Information System.

Our module works with any system via the cloud and satisfies measures for monitoring antibiotic prescribing, use and resistance under the CDC Checklist for Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs. Data can be exported to Excel, allowing you to perform additional analyses and create customized reports based on your preferred filters and designated hospital. 


Improve efficiency in antibiogram generation


Enhanced accuracy of data

System Agnostic cloud.png

Systems-agnostic in the cloud

12.15.21  Many healthcare clinicians depend on antibiograms to help guide the selection of the best empiric antimicrobial therapy as they await culture results.


Let Rhodes do the work of creating reports for you, and provide a tool that enhances your hospital’s antimicrobial stewardship efforts in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

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