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Identify patient conditions and risks in real time, so you can coordinate treatment faster.

Focus Targeted Intervention Module

Existing patient risk stratification methods rely on data that leaves room for interpretation and may not provide the full clinical picture. Claims and medication data aren’t timely enough to identify conditions. Additionally, they may not convey risk factors for comorbidities that are not evaluated at the time of visit.

Lab results are used in the majority of health decisions. Rhodes’ Focus Targeted Intervention Module automatically interprets lab results to identify health conditions, care gaps, and risk factors among individuals, then stratifies them within a given population. Interactive and event-specific dashboards provide this information in near real-time and in innovative ways to display changes over time. 

Targeted Intervention.jpg
Automatic Lab.png

Automatically interprets lab results 

Classifies Risk.png

Classifies risk factors and care gaps

Quality Metrics.png

Improves quality metrics to help avoid monetary penalties

Interactive Event.png

Interactive and event-specific dashboards

Enhanced Analytics.png

Enhanced analytics improve operations in care coordination, quality and medical necessity




With immediate automated stratification, you can mitigate human error, know what patients need exactly when they need it, and provide the best care quickly and efficiently. 

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