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Uncover every risk and get paid precisely.

Focus Risk Adjustment Module

When you don’t know a patient’s health conditions, you can’t get paid for them. Rhodes’ Focus Risk Adjustment Module automatically interprets laboratory results to accurately identify members’ eligibility for risk adjustment, so you can measure and effectively secure monetary payments, enabling your organization to focus on the care patients need.


Our patent-pending software is system-agnostic, providing an easy-to-use tool that will improve risk identification, increase reimbursement and streamline the identification of patients who need to be connected to proper care. Click here for the whitepaper on how "Using lab results within a risk adjustment strategy is valuable for understanding the conditions with a population of members."

Risk Adjustment.jpg
Improved ID.png

Improved identification 

Higher Reimbursment.png

Higher reimbursement/

Improved Coding.png

Improvement in coding 

Better Risk.png

Better understanding of risks associated with a population

System Agnostic cloud.png

System-agnostic in the cloud


Download to Excel to easily integrate risk adjustment insights into operations


You don’t know what you’re missing until you can see what you’re missing. Let Rhodes’ Focus Risk Adjustment Module give you a clearer picture of risk—so you can see a bigger return.

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