A healthy patient requires their systems to work seamlessly together. The same goes for a healthy laboratory. Rhodes Group’s C21 Platform enhances laboratory information systems (LIS) and billing systems, providing workflow optimization, analytics and insights across a lab’s operational, financial and clinical areas—streamlining processes from the front-end, to result reporting and distribution, to claims processing.

The platform cleanses and normalizes all inbound and outbound data using built-in master data management and EMPI (enterprise master patient indexing) technologies and stores it in central repositories. These normalized central repositories provide the foundation for the platform’s analytics capabilities, which enrich the data and provide targeted insights via easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

FAST Lab Operations

Our FAST Lab Operations solutions help you optimize and streamline your lab’s daily activities.


FUSION Revenue Cycle Management

Measure the vital signs of your bottom line and increase revenue with state-of-the-art claims solutions.

FOCUS Clinical Intelligence

Transform your lab results data into insights to identify critical healthcare needs, uncover care gaps, discover new revenue streams, better the lives of providers, and ultimately improve patient care.