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Webinar: NCQA's Focus on Kidney Health and How Lab    Information Can Help
November 4, 2020 @ 2 PM EST
Webinar: Solutions for Billing COVID Testing to Government Entities
November 18, 2020 @ 2 PM EST
Webinar: Data Extracts and LIS Conversions
December 9, 2020 @ 2 PM EST


What's Changing in Managed Care Contracting?

plus a COVID-19 update

9.9.20 Rhodes Group's Director of Product Management, Rick VanNess, participated in a panel on how insurance companies are continually trying new methods for overseeing laboratory costs as well as how  COVID-19 has both helped and hindered the growth of many laboratories. Read the summary here.

How has COVID-19 affected your lab's revenue cycle?

5.14.20  The global COVID-19 pandemic has sent the entire world into turmoil, including negatively affecting the U.S. economy, causing a ripple effect down to healthcare organization revenue cycles.

eMLC mobile specimen collection processing

6.17.20 eMLC (eMyLabCollect) is the future of mobile specimen collection processing.  It allows collection of any specimen type, anywhere - on a hospital unit, a physicians office, nursing home, parking lot, even at a patient's home. 

C21: Simplifying Complexity

7.8.20 Clinical Laboratories are now required to provide advanced testing and clinical information algorithms to drive intelligent patient care management and optimize healthcare costs at both the health system and community level.



Opportunity for Real-Time, Longitudinal Clinical Laboratory Data to Enhance Diabetes Disease Surveillance: A Cross-Sectional, Laboratory Database–Enabled Population Study

Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine


Dr. Teofilo Borunda Duque and the Clinical Solutions team at Rhodes Group published their work with TriCore Reference Laboratories demonstrating how laboratories can play a role in population health, specifically monitoring diabetes.  They used the Rhodes Repository Engine to identify the number of diabetics in New Mexico and compared it against the CDC’s methodology of estimating the number of diabetics.

Improving the Delivery of Healthcare through Clinical Diagnostic Insights: A Valuation of Laboratory Medicine through "Clinical Lab 2.0"









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