Webinar: Enhanced Antibiograms: Looking Beyond Empiric Susceptibility

12.15.21  Many healthcare clinicians depend on antibiograms to help guide the selection of the best empiric antimicrobial therapy as they await culture results. This tool is typically generated using microbiology aggregated data from the laboratory and/or hospital system. The traditional antibiogram continues to be the gold-standard recommended educational tool despite advanced data analytic capabilities. In the continued fight against antimicrobial resistance, enhanced antibiograms may assist antimicrobial stewardship efforts by stratifying cumulative antimicrobial susceptibility test data by various parameters. This presentation will demonstrate the insights that can be developed using different parameters to stratify the data and discuss the applicability to antimicrobial stewardship initiatives.

Webinar: Navigating PAMA

10.27.21   The second round of reporting for the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) is coming up

January - March 2022 - are you ready?

The PAMA legislation has and will continue to significantly alter Medicare’s payment system for clinical laboratory testing while establishing significant new compliance demands. This legislation also has the potential to impact other payors’ rates, since many private payors base their reimbursement levels on Medicare rates.


06.16.21   The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) to adjust capitated payments for its Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans based on individualized patient risk.

In this webinar, we will discuss HCCs, how they work, and how clinical laboratory information can be used to enhance the identification of HCCs. We will also address how Rhodes Group's algorithms automatically interpret laboratory data to identify patients who may qualify for HCC conditions.

Webinar: Leveraging Lab Data for Prenatal Care

03.03.21  This presentation summarizes Rhodes’ role in TriCore Reference Laboratories’ recent publication  in the American Journal of Managed Care the first published work describing collaboration between an MCO and a clinical laboratory to develop and implement improved prenatal care management processes and outcomes.  Join Rick VanNess, Rhodes Group's Director of Product Development, as he’ll explain this project from conception to results, with value.

Read the article here:

Webinar: Solutions for Billing COVID Testing for Uninsured Patients

01.14.21 COVID has changed our world. Our healthcare systems are adjusting to new ways of both delivering and being paid for healthcare services. A special program has been set up through Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in order to provide payments to providers for COVID testing. However, labs attempting to utilize this program are facing several challenges, such as: 

  • Handling the attestation for HRSA

  • Obtaining correct attestation for laboratory

  • Determining efficiencies within the process

  • Visualizing HRSA COVID testing metrics across several laboratories

Webinar: Data Extracts and LIS Conversions

12.9.20  Would you like to know that you are storing your valuable data for the long haul? Typical data extractions try to replicate the original systems structure. This means your data may cease to be meaningful in the future. Data extractions done correctly actually reverse engineer and decipher coded values as well as human uninterpretable data that allow your highly valued intelligence to remain useful in the long term.

Webinar: NCQA's Focus on Kidney Health and How Lab Information Can Help

11.4.20 A new HEDIS measure for identifying and monitoring kidney health among patients with diabetes has been implemented!  Within this measure, laboratory tests are the focal point of the financial incentives related to this measure.  This webinar will discusses why the Kidney Health Measure was implemented, how laboratory results are used within the measure, and the dollars related to increasing compliance with this measure. 

What's Changing in Managed Care Contracting? plus a COVID-19 update

9.9.20 Rhodes Group's Director of Product Management, Rick VanNess, participated in a panel on how insurance companies are continually trying new methods for overseeing laboratory costs as well as how  COVID-19 has both helped and hindered the growth of many laboratories. Read the summary here.

eMLC Mobile Specimen Collection Processing

6.17.20  eMLC (eMyLabCollect) is the future of mobile specimen collection processing. It allows collection of any specimen type, anywhere - on a hospital unit, a physician's office, nursing home, parking lot, even at a patient's home.

C21: Simplifying Complexity

7.8.20  Clinical laboratories are now required to provide advanced testing and clinical information algorithms to drive intelligent patient care management and optimize healthcare costs at both the health system, and community level.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Lab's Revenue Cycle?

5.14.20  The global COVID-19 pandemic has set the entire world into turmoil, including negatively affecting the US economy, causing a ripple effect down to healthcare organizations.