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Quality Measures and Clinical Outcomes

June 14, 2023

Rick VanNess, Director Product Development

​In healthcare, quality measures have been used for decades. Quality measures can include anything from when a patient received prenatal care to whether an individual received certain testing for kidney disease. These measures have been great, but the industry has failed in correlating quality with outcomes. The healthcare industry is now realizing that measuring clinical outcomes is just as important. And you can’t measure clinical outcomes by using a quality measure like ensuring someone was tested. Just because a patient got the test, doesn’t necessarily mean they became healthier.

Rhodes bridges that gap with clinical data. For example, we inform our clients about the timeliness of prenatal care (Figure 1) as well as preterm delivery rates (Figure 2). This enables our clients to quickly determine their compliance with a quality measure and how outcomes are trending.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

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