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  • Wraps around any standard claims process and system

  • Highly configurable to meet your specific business needs

  • Integrates with advanced revenue analytics

How would you like to reduce your lab's claim denial rates? Would you like to significantly increase your cash collections? Would you also like to improve your bill turn-around-times by over 50%?

Rhodes FUSION Billing & Claims Module includes all the workflow tools that all you to make sure you have the right staff working on the right tasks at the right time. You are also able to automate many billing department tasks that will ultimately maximize the efficiency of your billing workflow.

Let Rhodes' FUSION Billing & Claims Module help you achieve the highest standard in billing proficiency.


Key Benefits


Significantly increases cash collections

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Maximizes efficiency in billing workflow


Automates billing department tasks


With in-depth insights and a comprehensive, adaptable billing solution, you can stop worrying about yesterday and begin looking ahead to the future.

Expert Perspectives

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