Doctor requests sample

eMLC uploads request to the cloud

eMLC generates list

Specimen taken

eMLC generates and prints instrument-ready label

eMLC confirms specimen sent to lab

Results sent back to doctor

eMLC can be implemented rapidly and remotely. End users can be trained in minutes.

What is eMyLabCollect?

  • Mobile specimen collection application

  • Cloud-based

  • Works on iOS and Android mobile devices

  • WiFi and mobile connectivity (3G, 4G, 5G) - offline setting

  • Specimen collection and organizational toolset

  • Instrument-ready label generation

  • Positive patient identification (verbal or scan)


When you use eMLC, you are getting enhanced patient safety and fewer lost specimens due to a closed-loop specimen tracking system.

Your laboratory turnaround times will improve and your lab will experience greater productivity and efficiency.

See how eMLC can help you with mobile specimen collection and tracking workflow.

Learn how eMLC can reduce specimen errors, facilitate tracking, and improve patient safety.

View quick info sheet on eMLC and the ways in which it can be used to help facilitate your mobile specimen collection.