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Karen Berthiaume

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Karen Berthiaume is one of the original three Rhodes Group employees. Prior to working for Rhodes Group, she was a Medical Technologist for over a decade with in various positions in the lab operations and management.  She has experience in community based hospital as well as large research and /or specialty based healthcare organizations.


While at Rhodes, Ms. Berthiaume has been involved with a wide range of activities from lab management consulting to software development and client projects.  Often Ms. Berthiaume  acts as liaison between the client and the developer to result in an application solution that resolves the client’s issue or creates a new application.  One multi-year project involved working collaboratively with a tri industry team which included a National Healthcare supplier, a Blood Bank Research company and an off shore programming team, to develop the quality assurance software for the first Pathogen Inactivation product that was marketed internationally. 


​Above all, Ms. Berthiaume is a problem solver. From Sudoku to sewing dance costumes, prom dresses and her latest hobby, piece quilting.  She is known to say, "if you study the problem long enough it will all fit together."


  • Systems integration/interfacing

  • Implementation and installations

  • Workflow and process improvement in lab operations

  • Pre and post analytical needs of clinical lab operations

  • Translator of lab needs to functional computer process

  • Data extractions


  • AS Medical Technology

  • BS Medical Technology, specializing in microbiology

  • MBA


  • MLT (ASCP)

  • M (ASCP)

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