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Create the flexible and agile data environment you need to evolve as healthcare evolves!


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Cloud-based service


Flexible data model


High transaction threshold & thruput


High connectivity

Traditional, siloed hub and spoke interoperability methods are limited, costly, time-consuming, and impractical to scale and maintain. Rhodes Group overcomes this through a novel approach that utilizes proprietary algorithms, advanced logic, and the latest technology to deliver essential clinical information when and where it is needed - allowing participants to interact across boundaries. Importantly, Rhodes can deliver the information in the format required by the destination system, significantly enhancing both accessibility and usability of the data.

Leveraging sophisticated master data management techniques, including patient matching algorithms, message transformation, and modern delivery mechanisms, Rhodes Group can customize an advanced interoperability solution that allows you to increase provider satisfaction with more efficient workflows due to a more complete patient record, support the continuity of care with more complete patient data in the HIS, and avoid the extra cost and complexity of multiple HIS and LIS interfaces.

Webinar: Interoperability - A Laboratory Perspective

3.2.22 Clinical laboratories face a complex demand to provide and receive information from a variety of sources. New Interoperability technology allows the laboratory to build a generic, cost effective process to handle new patient, and order requests, and provide results directly to patients, providers, and health systems, without the need of point-to-point interfaces. In this session we will review the required technology and discuss its implementation from the laboratory perspective. Technology requirements for infrastructure, data communications, business logic, and lab application data flow will be reviewed. This review will also discuss the impact to cost of lab IT and related support staff requirements.

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